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About swim team

Communications regarding swim team will be posted here as well as on the bulletin board at the pool.  Facebook and email blasts will be used to communicate any announcements made on this page.  If you have any questions regarding swim team, please communicate directly with the swim team reps.  Often messages are lost on Facebook as posts scroll down the page.  Please do not rely on Facebook.

If you wish to receive email communications, please email us at [email protected]

Because HYCAT requires us to submit a roster each year the first week of June, each swimmer must register annually by completing the registration form.    Please remit $25 per swimmer along with the registration form no later then June 5, 2013.

All swimmers are required to wear goggles.  We recommend bringing an extra pair in case one breaks.  Swimmers in 3rd group are required to have their own fins.  Please see your head coach or swim rep if you need assistance.

Swimmers must sign out in the SIGN OUT BOOK maintained in the front office if they cannot swim in a meet due to planned vacations, planned camps, etc. NO LATER THAN Saturday at noon before the meet they plan to miss.  A lot of time goes into preparing for a meet.  When one person neglects their responsibility in this area, it hurts the entire team.  Please plan ahead.  Of course, this does not include unexpected events such as illness or family emergencies.

Swimmers may notify the coaching staff of events they wish to swim at the next meet by filling out the EVENTS REQUEST LOG maintained in the front office no later than Satruday at noon before the meet.  This is no guarantee the swimmers request will be granted; however, the coach tries to honor all requests retaining the right to do what is in the best interest of the team at any given meet.

The Meet Itself:  When the meet begins, pay attention to the announcements that tell you what events are being swum.  When one of your events is called, report immediately to your age group coach who will take you to the clerk of course and remain there until it is time to go to the starting blocks.  At clerk of course:


  • Swimmers are checked in before each event


  • Lane assignments are reviewed


  • Lane cards are given to each swimmer to take to the blocks


  • Relay swimmers are placed in proper order


  • Swimmers go to the starting blocks where they will start their event


  • Age group parents help younger swimmers get to the starting blocks


Once at the starting blocks, pay attention to the starter as the starter is in charge from that point forward.  The starter will give the command for the swimmers to get on the blocks, then take their mark and swim at the sound of the beep.


After the swimmer swims the event, the swimmer should exit the pool quickly and return to their area to wait his/her next event.


At the end of the meet, please clean up your area before leaving the pool.


Disqualifications:  Each of the four strokes has rules governing the proper way that the stroke is to be done, including the start, the stroke itself, turns at the end of the lanes and the final touch.  Coaches will instruct the swimmers on how to start and the proper techniques for each of the strokes.  Swimmers who false start or use illegal stroke or turn techniques will be disqualified.


Entries:  A list of events and swimmers will be posted on the swim team bulletin board prior to each swim meet.  Once posted, changes may be made in the set up of the meet due to circumstances such as swimmer illness, family emergencies, etc.  Swimmers may swim no more than 3 events and a relay.


The Parents’ Job:  The parents’ job at each of the meets will be posted on the swim team bulletin board.  Each parent MUST:


  • Check the bulletin board before each meet to confirm your assignment for the meet


  • Find a replacement if you cannot fulfill your commitment.