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Swim team personnel and volunteers

The following is a brief description of each of the key jobs that must be done in order for the swim team to be a success and to make each season a fun, rewarding experience for each swimmer.  More detailed job descriptions of many of the positions are available from the parent directors for your review.


Swim Team Rep(s):  The Swim Team Rep(s) is responsible for overseeing all the aspects of the swim team, coordinating the committee chairpersons and assisting the Head Coach with administrative matters.


Starter:  The starter is responsible for starting each event and for maintaining the starting equipment in good working order.  Starters must be familiar with the proper way to start each event and for actions that require disqualification.


Stroke and Turn Judges:  The stroke and turn judges are responsible for disqualifying swimmers who use illegal strokes, turns or touches or who leave early in relays.  The stroke and turn judges must be familiar with the proper techniques for each stroke and must attend a stroke and turn clinic at the beginning of each season.  Stroke and turn judges must turn in DQ slips to the scorers table in a timely manner.


Timers:  The timers time each event.  The team must supply one (1) timer for each lane for each meet.


Card Runners:  Cards runners take cards from the swimmers for age groups 8 and under and get them to the timers on the shallow end of the pool.  All cards must be collected after each event and taken to the scorers table along with the finish line judge sheet.


For age groups 9 and up, card runners collect the cards from the timers after each event and take them to the scorers table along with the finish line judge sheets.


At least six (6) card runners are needed for all events (except relays) in the 8 and under age groups.  Only 2 are required for age 9 and up.


Ribbon Committee:  This group is responsible for placing meet stickers on ribbons, labeling each ribbon with a swimmers name for each event at every dual meet.  This group also files the ribbons in the swimmers ribbon box.    Also, the time cards must be filed in the card box for the Coach.  Three people are needed for each meet for all events and more is needed for relays.


Announcers:  The announcer is responsible for all announcements at home meets including calling swimmers to clerk of course.


Clerk of Course:  The clerk of course coordinators organize the swimmers at the check-in tent next to the well and ensure swimmers get to the bench in order to step behind the correct lanes at the proper times for their events.


Computer Committee:  The computer committee shall work with the swim team rep and coaches imputing swimmers times and providing reports as needed.


Scorers Table:  This task requires two people to accept time cards, finish judge sheets and DQ slips from runners and stroke and turn judges.  This information is matched and sorted based on times.  Places are assigned and final cards are passed onto the ribbon writing table.


Concessions:  Volunteers are needed to help provide pasta salads and other side dishes.